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“The Fall – Farewell to everything”.

There’s always someone with problems. And if that one person has too much power, suddenly his problems are everyone’s problems. That is what has happened to us with Russian’s president Vladimir Putin. Putin’s decisions were and are based on his fears. Vladimir Putin is not a great thinker. He is more a believer and fantasizer. The information he gets is corrupt. That was the background when he started the war against Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022.

Francis Fukuyama predicted already in 1994 that “the only serious threat to the security of Europe will be the development of the mutual situation between Russia and Ukraine”. The worst scenario he could think of is happening now before our eyes. History has traditionally been the story of violence. War and peace, each giving birth to the other, each following the other, each in turn making room for change, a change which could lead in either direction.

A war is a minefield of morality. Wars get worse. Wars can be ignited everywhere but the probability of a war is not the same everywhere. No one knows when “your war” will come if it ever comes. It could start tomorrow or never. You don’t know it. We know that all the conflicts which turned into wars could have been avoided. How then? We don’t know how exactly because you can only get information about something what has happened. The rest is guesswork. Peace is not a permanent state, sometimes the peace must be fought. If good is passive and powerless, the evil wins.