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Oqaatsut is a small village in Greenland.

Birgithe and Nikolai on the 45th wedding anniversary.
Matthias and Amalie.
Iver, Iivali.
Pavia Olsen’s backyard. 1997 Oqaatsut.
Before Christmas. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Iver with friends on Friday afternoon.

Jørgen Aqqalu at home. Oqaatsut 1984.


Suusi. 1984 Oqaatsut.

Dog sledge. 1995 Oqaatsut.

Maasi and Kaaleeraq. 1997 Oqaatsut.
Tage and Erneeraq. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Nikolai and Birgithe. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Piitaar. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Martine and Paninnguaq. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Paninnguaq. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Steen. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Wedding party. 1997 Oqaatsut.

Piitaar and Iivali. 1995 Oqaatsut.

Piitaar and Iivali. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Iivali. 1997 Oqaatsut.

Mathias. 1995 Oqaatsut.

The graveyard is on hard ground and the graves can’t be digged deep enough. Stones are needed for the burial. 1995 Oqaatsut.
Maasi and Kaaleeraq while the village gets its fuel supplement. 1995 Oqaatsut.

Rebeka in the House of Commune. The building resides the school, the church and all kind of social gatherings. 1984 Oqaatsut.

Pavia feeds his dogs. 1997 Oqaatsut.

Piitaar, Iivali and me. 1995 Oqaatsut.

Peter brings furniture from Ilulissat with his boat.